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Is your brain stuck in the pleasure trap?

Cravings and addictions aren't caused by a lack of willpower.
Research clearly shows that brain/body dysfunction is linked to addictive behavior.

When you finally understand the exact brain/body states that lead to addiction, you can switch gears and heal the drivers of addictive behavior before it’s too late. 

Which means you can learn how to adjust your brain's arousal point (and stop destructive behaviors), so you can change the internal patterns driving desires that may cause harm (alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, opioids, certain foods high in fat & carbs, etc.).

Find out your Brain Body Health Score to understand how your brain might be affecting your body's ability to support the lifestyle you want.


Are Your Cravings All In Your Head?

Dr. Sara Gottfried has the answer. Your cravings, she reveals, are in your head—caused by a malfunction in the connection between your brain and your body. When the brain body is out of sync, your entire bio-chemistry changes. It's not a willpower issue, it's a brain body issue fueling cravings and driving addictions.

When it comes to cravings and addictions, there are three distinct phases.

  • 1 Do you use external activities or substances to get high (binging or intoxication)?
  • 2 Do you experience withdrawal or feel bad after your trigger activity or substance?
  • 3 Do you feel preoccupied or yearn for the activity or substance?

Most people don't realize their brain activity may be abnormal - too much or too little of certain brain chemicals puts you at risk for addictive behavior.

When you're in hyperarousal (a specific brain state you'll learn more about), there's a powerful but invisible internal pattern driving you to seek outside substances and activities to satisfy the feel-good brain receptors.

Find out if you are stuck in the pleasure trap and get your Brain Body Health Score by taking the quick quiz below.